Gifford-Pinchot Forest Service Road 25

NOTE: Recent ride reports indicate that pavement conditions on FS25 have deteriorated markedly since 2021, and this road is no longer recommended to be ridden above the 35mph speed limit or by vehicles with limited suspension travel. Front Heaves are present in several sections of roadway and several 100 yard long sections of pavement appear… Continue reading Gifford-Pinchot Forest Service Road 25

Washougal River Road, Old Washington State Route 140

The WRR is one of the best motorcycle roads in Clark County. It has great pavement, twisty sections, tight blind corners, and a beautiful river to travel next to. There is also something here to make the trip a little less fun: lots of traffic. This road can be empty, or packed. Hopefully when you… Continue reading Washougal River Road, Old Washington State Route 140

Glenwood-Goldendale Road

When one is asked to envision a place with jaw-dropping scenery and fantastic twisty roads, the Klickitat River Canyon is generally not the first thing on anybody’s mind. It’s set back in a little nook between the Cascade and the Simcoe Mountain north of Goldendale. The Klickitat has carved an impressive channel down through “The… Continue reading Glenwood-Goldendale Road

Oregon State Route 66 (Ashland to Klamath Falls)

This road provides a excellent path from Ashland to Klamath Falls across the South Oregon Cascades. It’s very scenic and passes by Emigrant Reservoir ascending three 4,000+ foot mountain passes. These fantastic passes include Hayden Mountain 15 miles or so west of Keno. There are a number of very good roads that intersect with Oregon… Continue reading Oregon State Route 66 (Ashland to Klamath Falls)

Washington State Route 142

Washington State Route 142 is one of those odd little rural highways that were carved out of the native landscape to serve some of the small and medium sized town in the area. The section from Goldendale to the first set of twisties is about 8 miles long, but once you’ve got the straight section… Continue reading Washington State Route 142