Oregon Route 216 in Deschutes River Valley

This road is a fun little stretch of highway that zips across the Deschutes River Valley (via Tygh Valley) south of Tygh Ridge. The road intersects with US 197 about 7-8 miles north of Maupin’s sweet twisties and heads back to the Deschutes River and its own set of twisties. There’s fuel and food in… Continue reading Oregon Route 216 in Deschutes River Valley

Washington Route 20 (Okanogan – Tiger/Ione)

For riders used to the hustle & bustle of Western Washington, Washington’s Route 20 is prone to inducing a bit of mental dissonance. If you departed on your trip from Seattle, you’ve spent the last couple hundred around lots of cars, motorcycles, and RVs. Well, that pretty much seems to end once you’re east of… Continue reading Washington Route 20 (Okanogan – Tiger/Ione)