Westside Military Road

This little stretch of sweepers is quite a bit of fun and a nice way to skirt a large section of Interstate 5. While it’s 35 mile per hour speed limit causes it to be a rather leisurely way to cover this distance, it is also fairly empty and doesn’t appear to be heavily patrolled.… Continue reading Westside Military Road

Mount Idaho Grade Road (Grangeville, Idaho)

This is another member of the Grangeville Gang. And no, this road is not named after a mountain, at least not directly, but after a town that at one time was more important than Grangeville. This road is very sparsely travelled as Mount Idaho isn’t exactly a bustling metropolis. The road has a few new… Continue reading Mount Idaho Grade Road (Grangeville, Idaho)

Glenwood – Trout Lake Highway

This windy little highway connects two interesting little towns that lie in the shadow of Mt. Adams and the Yakama Indian Reservation. While these two towns obviously don’t have motorcycle dealerships to handle repairs (Hood River’s just 25 miles away), between the two of them, they seem to have the basics covered. There’s some lodging… Continue reading Glenwood – Trout Lake Highway

Washington State Route 9

State Route 9 is one of Washington State’s finer examples of a rural highway. The curves are well-engineered and most of the curves have very good visibility. The pavement is very high-quality, to the point of being in a shockingly well-maintained state from the viewpoint of this jaded Seattle moto-commuter. There’s also no lack of… Continue reading Washington State Route 9