Oregon Route 244

This is a shining example of Oregon’s fine sweeper roads. Another riverine highway, it connects US 395 with I-84 within 10 miles of connections to Old Emigrant Trail Road on one side and Oregon Route 82 (and Halfway, OR) on the other. From west to east, it leaves Ukiah and at first follows Camas Creek… Continue reading Oregon Route 244

Cow Creek Road

This narrow little riverine road is a welcome diversion from the high-pressure freeway slog of Interstate 5. It hops out around circles around to the west in the north end of the Siskiyou Range. It’s reputed to be a narrow and twisty little thing that zips around next to the creek with very little traffic… Continue reading Cow Creek Road

Oregon Route 7

Oregon Route 7 runs across the section of Eastern Oregon where three big National Forests meet, starting in Austin Junction along US 26 and ending in Baker City near where US30 and I-84 rejoin. The western section of this road runs up into and through the Blue Mountains. Near Sumpter, it enters the Powder River… Continue reading Oregon Route 7