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Idaho State Route 55

Up along the East side of Lake Cascade, through the quaint mountain towns at the very edge of the Idaho Rocky Mountains is Idaho State Route 55. While it’s often a bit crowded on the weekends carrying visitors up from Boise to the resorts and vacation homes around the lake and a bit too straight …

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Moving Over…

I’m getting all the roads moved over to the new site. Most of them are going to make the move, but some of the roads that aren’t as good as some of the others will be done last. If you have any recommendations or requests, please drop a comment in here. Update: Well, that should …

Switching Hosts

I’m moving from my soon-to-be departed hosting company to this one. If you’ve posted any comments in the past couple days on the old site, it may not show up on the new one. I’m now sited on Lunarpages, so hopefully some of the more annoying outages will be minimized.