Cascade Lakes Highway (aka Century Drive)

While this road is certainly no Aufderheide, it’s a fantastic road that I highly recommend. It’s scenic, from disturbingly fresh-looking lava flows and fantastic views of Mt. Bachelor to sobering views of recent forest fires and the distinct possibility of up close and personal visit with the extremely large elk in the area.

Link to Oregon Travels Page for Cascade Lakes Highway:

Here’s a few photos from my recent visit.

View of Mount Bachelor

A good friend and I stopping for a breather and some photos on the North end of the Road.

View back up Cascade Lakes Highway

  • Road Name: Oregon State Route 372 ‘Century Drive Highway’, Lava Lake Road, and Cascade Lakes Highway
  • Counties: Deschutes, Klamath
  • Length: 68
  • Towns: Bend, Crescent Lake Junction, Elk Lake

Overview Map:
Overview Map

Google Map: