Bald Mountain Road / Willamina Creek Road

Road Report provided by Joe Trombetta

If you’re up in the Northwestern Oregon’s Tillamook and Yamhill Counties, you’ll find some excellent riding up there. Twisty gnarly little roads that benefit greatly from some off-road and marginal-road experience, for certain, but very rewarding when the other roads are full of cars and RVs.

Up in the Coastal Range, 17 miles East of Carlton and off NW Nestucca Rd is Bald Mountain Rd.

Traveling North to South there is a climb followed by a long, slow descent of about 2000ft from beginning to end. The road is about 25 miles one-way and takes about an hour travel time at average speeds.

The road is a mixture of sweepers and twisties, and like Nestucca Rd, this is probably “NOT a road for beginners or recently-returning riders”. The pavement quality is excellent with little or no gravel as of May’10.

A few things to consider for canyon-carvers and speedier folk… The road starts and ends at average width but becomes one-car wide (or thinner) for most of the road. This is probably never travelled and there is 2 feet of moss lining both sides of the road. I saw no cars from either direction during my 2+ hour ride, so risking a crash while riding solo would not be a good time. This might be in some kind of state park and there are ATV trails that cross over the road all throughout the area, but I didn’t see any of those either.

There are no amenities or cell signal anywhere. There is an outhouse about halfway through but no running water. I do not remember any speed limit (or any other signs) but the scenery is where my eyes strayed when not on the road. Mostly forest with some great spots overlooking Yamhill County, bring a camera. There are lots of side-roads that either end up reconnecting to larger roads or dead-ending; well worth exploring if you have the time and gas.

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