7 Devils Road (Charleston, OR)

My July 2007 update:

7 Devils Road is situation right on the coast south of Coos Bay at Charleston, Oregon. This road has been highly recommended by many people I’ve met and it’s conveniently situation near the western terminus of OR42 and OR42S at US101.

Well, now I know why. This road, 7 Devils Road, is a great local road and one that I plan to do again next time I go through Charleston.

On the north end of this road is the very steep end of a large sand dune. Much like Cape Meares, it climbs right up from sea level onto a rather steep dune and has a twisty curvy ascent much like the north end of Oregon 47 south of Clatskanie.

It’s extremely easy to miss the curve however. If you’re heading to this road from downtown Charleston, you’ll go for quite a ways out into the country making several turns. You’ll get to the South Slough bridge and once you’re back on land you’re right on top of that left-hand turn you’ll need to make.

Once the incline levels out, this road settles down into a very good set of 25-35 corners for a few miles before you reach the top of the bluff.

Once you get up top, you’re rewarded with a very nice view across the countryside and a wonderful group of about a dozen or so 50mph sweepers and nearly zero traffic to speak of, at least on the Tuesday morning I was up there.

The south end of this roadway is perhaps less spectacular with a continuation of the sweepers that you first saw at the top. It is, however, much easier to find this road from that end as it’s well-marked on US101.

The pavement on this road isn’t bad. It’s much better than the pavement out on Cape Meares, but it is built on sand so there will be some occasional bumps. The rain from the previous days had cleaned off nicely, so the traction was very nice. Unless you’re riding all but the most focused sporting machinery, you should find this road enjoyable.

Just be a little careful for any federal ranges though, as there is a fishery research station at the far north end of the road.

  • Road Name: 7 Devils Road (Charleston OR area)
  • Counties: Coos
  • Length: 17
  • Towns: Barview, Bullards, Charleston

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