Orville Road, Pierce County Washington

This road is fun, but infrequently maintained. It’s mostly blind 35-40mph twisties with patches all over the road and 4″ gravel shoulders. The local at the gas station who recommended it stated that the local H.O.G. riders all take that road between Orting and Eatonville. The road is rather pretty, but as can be gleaned from the photos, it was in rough shape at the time these photos were taken.

There’s been some subsequent repaving of this road to replace some of the patching, but many sections of the road still have somewhat dodgy pavement.

Orville Road

More fun than taking SR161 down from Puyallup, but the less than stellar roadway engineering makes this road rather “interesting” if the weather turns wet.

North end of Orville Road

Map of the North end of Orville road

Map of the South end of Orville Rd.

South end of Orville Road

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