Slab Creek Road / Scenic 101

This road isn’t unpaved, but every other indication I’ve seen mentions how overgrown and poorly maintained this road seems to be. The road is listed as originally being a 30’s era section of US 101 that’s been obsoleted by the new road which takes a more direct but steeper route closer to Cascade Head.

This route is part of the Oregon Coast Bicycle Trail because the lower incline is much easier for our non-motorized brethren, so please be aware of bicyclists when on this road since it’s not quite two lanes wide in all places.

I like linking this road in a nice loop around the backside of US101 that goes over hill near Cascade Head. Doing this loop a few times is a good way to burn a couple hours.

  • Road Name: Slab Creek Road (Old US 101)
  • Counties: Lincoln(OR), Tillamook
  • Length: 10
  • Towns: Emma, Marx, Neskowin, Otis, Otis Junction

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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